Nancy helps clients with a range of anxiety disorders.

We are living in different times today.
We do not have to live with so fear and anxiety.
Are you feeling anxious of the future?
Anxious to meet people live again?
Are you feeling bored?

There are ways to handle these emotions that can set you free.

Please feel free to reach out to me for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose.

Contact me if you’re looking for healthy emotional well being.

seeking assistance for anxiety

Seeking Assistance for Anxiety

Seeking assistance for anxiety problems is the first step towards a better tomorrow. We all worry from time to time. These days, the world seems especially stressful and you may be feeling more angst than usual. Your time may be ...
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talk therapy for anxiety disorders with Nancy Hilsenrath LCSW

Talk Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are the most common group of mental disorders. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, around 40 million adults in the United States over the age of 18 experience some type of anxiety disorder. Although many ...
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therapy for anxiety

Therapy for Anxiety / Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can occur without warning, provoking an intense surge of fear that can be disruptive and debilitating. They can occur as a result of perceived danger in the absence of a real or imminent threat. Within minutes a panic ...
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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy

Seeing an EMDR Therapist for Dealing with Trauma

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. In the simplest terms, an EMDR therapist helps adults and children address the emotional distress and traumatic memories of disturbing life experiences. Resolving traumatic memories and associated symptoms. During EMDR therapy, the protocol ...
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anxiety & substance abuse counselor

Anxiety: a Core Cause & Symptom of Substance Abuse

The ugly head of anxiety rears itself in many forms throughout our lives. Some cases are much worse than others, requiring anxiety counseling or even hospitalization. While we all experience anxiety on occasion, it is prevalent in situations where substance ...
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quarantine & mental health

Quarantine & Mental Health

As we work together as a society to help stop the spread of coronavirus, it is important to ensure that, in doing your part, you are taking care of your own mental health. Prolonged periods of isolation such as quarantine ...
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acadia healthcare

Nancy Hilsenrath, treatment placement specialist at Acadia healthcare.

Hi, my name is Nancy Hilsenrath and I'm a treatment placement specialist with Acadia healthcare. Acadia healthcare is the largest behavioral health organization in the world. My role is to help providers, family members, or loved ones find the best ...
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court ordered mental health evaluations

Court Ordered Mental Health Evaluations

If you get involved in any legal situation that implicates your mental health, you may be ordered to undergo court ordered mental health evaluations. This can arise in a number of contexts, including civil, criminal, or family law matters. Mental ...
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call NY therapist Nancy Hilsenrath

Anxiety: If experiencing these symptoms, you may benefit from counseling.

Experiencing some amount of anxiety can be normal as a natural survival instinct or to enhance motivation and perform well under stress. It may be related to work and school performance, important events, or taking caution to protect oneself. But ...
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gambling addiction

Gambling Addiction Counseling

There are two general categories of gambling disorders. The first, known as gambling addiction, compulsive gambling, or pathological gambling, is characterized by the inability to control the impulse to gamble, even when it has negative impacts on the gambler or ...
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