Opioid Addiction: A Growing Crisis

It seems that every day the headlines are filled with stories about opioid addiction. The current opioid crisis has swept across the entire US, affecting individuals from every walk of life. From broken families to overdose deaths, the consequences of opioid addiction can be stark and devastating. However, there is hope for those touched by opioid addiction.

Recovery is possible – Nancy can provide opioid addiction treatment and therapy to help you or a loved one break free from the cycle of addiction.

Opioids are derived from the poppy plant and have been used for centuries in pain management. Despite their powerful pain management benefits, their addictive potential has been well known for at least as long. Opium abuse has plagued many societies and has contributed to the fall of empires.

In furtherance, the human quest to live free of pain, opium was later refined into morphine. Morphine has since been a mainstay of pain management in western medicine. Following the civil war, morphine addiction became common among soldiers returning from the front lines. Before the advent of aspirin, many women succumbed to morphine addiction as they tried to manage menstrual pain. At the turn of the 20th century, Bayer commercialized and marketed a cough medicine that gave the user a “heroic” feeling, calling the drug heroin. Later in the 20th century, opioids were made available in pill form, under brand names such as Percocet, Oxycontin, and Vicodin. Even more powerful, synthetic forms of opioids, such as fentanyl, were approved by the FDA for the treatment of intense pain, such as breakthrough cancer pain.

While these drugs are incredibly effective at treating pain, they are also powerfully addictive, and their widespread use has led to an addiction crisis in the United States.

As pain is acutely felt but difficult to measure, these drugs became commonly prescribed by physicians to manage a variety of sources of pain. However, as these drugs are both physically and psychologically addictive, many people who received such prescriptions became hooked. While opioid addiction has become more well known, these drugs are still the most effective tools for pain management and continue to be prescribed to millions of people.

Becoming addicted to prescription pain pills can lead to escalation. Prescribed painkillers give way to illegally obtained pain pills, which in turn can move on to intravenous drug use such as heroin. With little means to determine the quality and purity of intravenous street drugs, many users perish due to accidental overdoses or experience devastating side effects from impurities introduced by drug dealers looking to increase their profits.

Individuals who are physically addicted to opioids can experience extreme withdrawal symptoms, including vomiting, chills, and fever. Due to the combination of these intense withdrawal symptoms, physical addiction, psychological addiction, and the pervasive nature of opioids in our society, the hold of opioid addiction can seem impossible to break.

As difficult as breaking the cycle of addiction may seem, help is available for you.

A full recovery is possible through treatment and therapy, and Nancy can help provide you with the tools to succeed.

Are you or is someone you love struggling with opioid addiction?
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