Seeking Assistance for Anxiety

Seeking assistance for anxiety problems is the first step towards a better tomorrow. We all worry from time to time. These days, the world seems especially stressful and you may be feeling more angst than usual. Your time may be stretched thin due to added responsibilities or perhaps you have too much time on your hands and are feeling a sense of ennui. Either way, it can be challenging emotionally. Life is fluid and we all have our ebbs and flows, but having an anxiety disorder goes beyond your usual tides.

According to the Mayo clinic, people with anxiety disorders frequently have intense & persistent dread about everyday situations.

Anxiety disorders can lead to panic attacks. Panic attacks are sudden feelings of excessive fear or terror and they usually reach their peak within minutes.

Not all anxiety manifests into panic attacks. Individuals fare differently. When your distress signals seem disproportionate to your present situation, it may be time to ask yourself:

“Is there something else I can do for myself?”

Life is what you make it – or rather, life is how you react & recover from situations you did not necessarily make yourself.

Whether regarding an imminent event or a situation you’re experiencing with an uncertain outcome, anxiety disorders involve repeated episodes.

However, they can sometimes appear as an overlying vague uneasiness without an obvious attachment to anything specific. They are often accompanied with boding or behavioral disturbances.

Some common symptoms:

• Feeling nervous, restless, or hyperventilation
• Sweating, trembling or an increased heart rate
• Feeling weak or having trouble sleeping
• Trouble concentrating
• Experiencing gastrointestinal (GI) problems
• Having a sense of impending danger, panic, or doom
• Alcohol / drug / substance abuse
• You have suicidal thoughts / behaviors

There may be something more or different you can do for added help. There is much information available online but if you are not a professional, it could be confusing or misleading.

Pay attention to what triggers your anxiety and what has helped alleviate it in the past. At what point did it subside?

Be aware of your thoughts. Perhaps you can make a slight shift from perceived negative slants to more positive intentions. So rather than, “I don’t want to eat junk food anymore”, shift to, “I want to find a healthy alternative for snack time”. This small shift of perception will focus your attention on solutions and is an energetic guide to the more positive direction you desire to go.

Become aware of small improvements and give yourself some credit. Making small changes over a period of time is a practice well taken.

Learning new ways to heal and grow through anxiety can bring a new perspective of hope and strength, one step at a time. Sometimes that next step is seeking assistance for anxiety problems.

Well versed in practical methods, Nancy Hilsenrath can help guide individuals when struggling emotionally. The purpose for being a mental health professional is to support you in your efforts to be your best you. It is a partnership for the sake of you.

By seeking assistance, you will be reinforcing your spirit to thrive and best of all, you will not be alone. Be your best advocate and call a counselor today. Now is the best time.

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