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In a society that places so much pressure on each of us, drug addiction has become an increasingly common problem. The effects can be far reaching, having an impact on every aspect of life from work performance to family relationships. Whether the addiction is for medicinal or recreational substances, finding a solution to the problem is essential for enabling the sufferer to find stability and begin to live life again.

addiction therapy NY
Rethink Addiction as a Response to Emotional Pain

Every addict is different, with their own problems and reasons for adopting the addictive habit. Equally, the path to recovery is different for everyone. As a trained counselor, Nancy tailors her advice to what best suits the needs of the patient. In addition, she may be able to recommend patients to other support groups or further treatment where this may be necessary.

Nancy specializes in addiction with emphasis on substance abuse.

She has helped many adolescents and adults stop abusing pain medication, heroin, and other illicit substances. She is gentle and compassionate in her approach. Above all, she brings to light what response to emotional pain each person may have, that may have brought on the addiction in the first place.

addiction counseling NY
While the physical addiction is often the focus of those looking to heal from drug addiction, counseling is an important part of this process.

Nancy provides the support and insight needed to help patients overcome their problems today and remain addiction free into the future. To sum it up, counseling can help patients build long-term solutions to addiction.

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She’s made many community presentations to enlighten the NY community about the opioid epidemic.

It is important for the New York community (and beyond) to learn about the early signs and symptoms of substance use before it escalates into abuse and dependence. In addition to being a program director at Long Island Detox, Nancy Hilsenrath has a private practice for mental health counseling.

Above all, and most importantly, take care of yourself. In other words, seek counseling if you are suffering and need assistance with an addiction. A trained counselor will help you come to terms with what is bothering you, certainly giving you the opportunity to a better quality of life.

Addiction counseling NY



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